Welcome to Excel Fitness

At Excel Fitness, we understand the challenges that come with working out. That is why we aim to offer a comfortable yet focused environment. Excel Fitness provides a Real Gym, Real People, and Real Results!

Excel Fitness Club is proud to be one of the first public gyms to open in the great city of Pickering. We have been conducting our friendly business services for over 10 years and continue to offer our members flexible and affordable rates. Our prices are almost half that of our leading competitors!

Our Services

  • One-on-one boxing lessons with former professional boxers
  • Weight loss consultations
  • Nutritionist consultations
  • Personal training sessions
  • Regulatory Support
  • No hidden fees
  • Clean & relaxed atmosphere
  • Fully equipped with an abundance of cardio and weight machines
  • Personal training sessions
  • Regulatory Support

Our Goal

At Excel Fitness Club, we aim to give you the most personable and comfortable work-out experience possible. Our trained instructors are there for you every step of the way through personal sessions, and we maintain a positive and friendly work-out vibe all the time.

Whether it comes to goal planning, meal planning, just just a bit of positive reinforcement. Excel Fitness Club focuses on the personal aspect of what it means to work out. We understand the busy life you live, and will help you work towards something that suits your life. At Excel Fitness Club, we have Real Gym, with Real People and Real Results.